Photo of a sign banning DSLR photography on a London Tube tourAn abandoned tube (subway) station would be an awesome place to explore and photograph.  The Aldwych tube station is one such station.  It opened in 1907 and closed in 1994 when the cost of repairs and upgrades was determined to be more than the income from the station would justify.  After over 15 years of sitting empty it has been opened to tours.  With one caveat.  A sign outside the station warns tour participants that DSLR photography is not allowed due to their high quality sensor and high resolution.  That would lead one to believe they do not want quality images of the abandoned station taken since photography as a whole is not banned.  But a spokeswoman for the London Transport Museum told the British Journal of Photography that

…there were restrictions on professional cameras and tripods because we were concerned that people using them could delay the tours for others.

Not exactly the same thing as what the sign out front states.  The journal has requested further information to clarify the Transport Museums discrepancy.   I’ll update if they find out anything juicy.

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