It has been a while since I highlighted one of the artists on Photography Served. But I was going through the site the other day (procrastinating) and I came across the photography of John Valls, a commercial food photographer in Portland, OR who photographs food “…from the ground up.”  John’s featured set on Photography Served is A Visit to a Tobacco Farm in Cuba.  Aside from the spectacular photographs I deemed this set of photographs share-worthy because I the subject.  Cuba has been on my list of must-go-to destinations for a while now.  Part of that is the “forbidden” aspect, part is my perception of it as being frozen in time and the photographic possibilities that presents.  But I will get there one day, hopefully before the rest of the world beats me to it and changes it forever.

John Valls’ work in Cuba focused on a tobacco farm and was shot over the course of six years to reveal “…the slow rhythms and quiet pleasures of daily life on Fidel’s family tobacco farm.”  (I’m not sure if that is the Fidel.)

Photograph by John Valls

Photograph by John Valls

Photograph by John Valls

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