Pop Art Pug made with Fotoflexer Online Photo Editor

“Pop Art Scooter”

Scooter-Pre-Pop-ArtA few weeks ago I wrote a post about free online photo editors.  There are a lot of them out there with a wide assortment of features.  So I figured I would show a little bit of what they can do.  This image was done using a photograph of my pug, Scooter and the online photo editor Fotoflexer.  I’d like to say I slaved away at this for hours in order to master the “pop art” effect.  But in reality the program makes it very easy.  Here are the basic steps I followed to accomplish this final image.

  1. I cropped an image of Scooter so his head basically filled the frame (see the original image above right).  I used Photoshop but you can also accomplish this in Fotoflexer.
  2. I then uploaded the image from my computer to the Fotoflexer program at www.fotoflexer.com.
  3. I then selected the “effects” tab and the “pop art” option.
  4. Et voila!  Save the image back to my computer and I was done.  A masterpiece in seconds.

OK, maybe not a masterpiece.  But it is a fun program to play around with and turn your photographs into somethign creative and fun.


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