I have reviewed several other canvas printing companies in the past including Easy Canvas Prints, Arts Cow canvas prints and ZaZa Prints.  I have gotten some great art with the photos on canvas process and with the exception of artscow.com I have been really satisfied with the quality of the canvas prints I received.  So when Groupon was offering one of their too-good-to-be-true deals on canvas prints from Canvas on Demand I of course did not pass it up.

The hardest part of the process was deciding which photograph to have printed.  It took me a few months to just come to a decision.  But once I decided on a recent photo I took of my pug (left) the rest was very simple.  The Groupon was for a 16″ x 20″ thick (1.5″) gallery wrap which normally sells for $112.00 plus shipping, about $125.00 total, for only $45.00.

  • Shipping Time: I placed my order on a June 13th, it shipped 10 days later on June 23rd and I received it 2 days later on June 25th.  So that is thirteen days from start to finish.  That is about twice as long as Easy Canvas Prints took and on par with Arts Cow’s shipping time.  To their credit Canvas on Demand did warn of a longer lead time due to the large number of orders due to the Groupon deal.  Compared to most internet shipping time frames nowadays this is on the long side, but still totally within reason.  And keep reading, it was worth the wait.
  • Packaging: This being my 4th canvas print order from 4 different companies I have learned that canvas printers have gotten packaging down to a science.  Canvas on Demand is no exception.  They pack it to survive a trip around the world and back.   First they wrap the canvas in a foam wrapping to protect it.  That is then strapped in a corrugated cardboard holder of sorts.  The purpose of the holder is to center the canvas in the shipping box so that it is kept away form the sides.  So should there be a UPS of FedEx mishap and the box gets crushed the canvas inside should still  be safe and sound.  Bottom line, if your canvas arrives damaged, someone tried extra hard.
  • Image Quality I didn’t have a review icon with more than 5 cameras.  But if my scale went over 5 Canvas on Demand would get some extra cameras for image quality.  I was blown away.  Obviously it helps to start withe best quality highest resolution image you can but the printing job was e-x-c-e-p-t-i-o-n-a-l!  Nothing was lost in the transfer from digital image to canvas, in fact, they might just have worked some printing magic to make it better than the original.  The colors POP and the details are crystal clear.  This is a superb printing job and I have no complaints whatsoever in the image quality department.  I am confident you can trust them with any print and get fantastic results if my print is an indication.


The Final Canvas Print
  • Overall Product Quality: The construction of the Canvas on Demand product lives up to its print quality.  The gallery wrapping is neat and tight.  The wood frame is solid and the canvas is secured to it with plenty of staples.  It comes with hardware to hang your canvas out of the box.  I was not able to find any information on the Canvas on Demand site regarding the type of canvas and inks they use.  Judging from the quality of the print I would guess they are using top quality cotton canvases and archival inks.  But they do not seem to disclose that information on the site.  In the end, overall product quality is top notch and I am very satisfied with the end result all the way around.
  • Final Rating: If you have read this far the 5 camera rating and my rave final review should be no surprise.  This is by far the canvas print I am most impressed with.  Production and shipping time totaled about two weeks which may seem a bit long, but the Groupon deal may have increased regular lead times and in the end 2 weeks for top quality really is not too bad.  The packaging was just done right.  Nothing is getting past this shipping box’s defenses.  The image quality – spectacular.  Can’t say anything bad even if I wanted to.  The construction of the frame and canvas quality were very good although I cannot attest to the exact type of ink and canvas they use.  Would I recommend getting your next canvas photo print form Canvas on Demand?  Hell yeah.
Note:  Unlike some of my other canvas reviews, Canvas on Demand did not
provide anything in exchange for this review.  I purchased the canvas
with a Groupon deal and made this review of my own free will.

6 Responses to “Review of Photo Canvas Prints from Canvas on Demand”

  1. Alecia

    on July 11 2011

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your reviews. I am looking into ordering a canvas print for the first time. Do you know if any of the companies out there use an ink which would withstand steam/moisture as I want to display a photo in our master bath. thanks so much.

  2. Mike

    on July 12 2011

    Hi Alecia,
    I do not have first hand experience with hanging a canvas print in a bathroom and exposing it to the moisture and steam. However, most of the canvas printers use archival inks which are meant to resist fading when exposed to sunlight and cotton canvas which should not have a problem with “some” exposure to moisture. I know you can clean them with a slightly damp cloth. My instinct would tell me that if it was hung in an environment like a bathroom it probably would not last as long as hanging it somewhere else. But I would suggest contacting the customer service of the company you decide to order from and asking them before placing your order to be sure. I was most impressed with the color of Canvas on Demand but Easy Canvas Prints was also very good and they specifically mention their archival inks and cotton canvas.

  3. michele yepiz

    on August 24 2012

    I bought my first photograph on canvas in 1973 through a local portrait photography shop. Over the years, I had more made at other photo shops. In every case, my pictures resembled oil paintings with a semblance of brush strokes over a canvas-textured surface.
    Canvas on Demand’s product looks like flat pictures on vinyl tablecloths stretched to hang on the wall.
    The pictures looked more vibrant as photo prints.
    I ordered these “canvas” pictures as a gift. I will not send them on.

  4. Mike

    on August 24 2012

    Hi Michele,
    That’s too bad you didn’t like your canvas print. I would try contacting them for a return. I would think they have a return policy if you are not satisfied. Good luck!

  5. Courtney

    on December 1 2012

    Does anyone know anything about the quality of the prints for pictures taken from iphone camera?

  6. Mike

    on December 1 2012

    Hi Courtney, the iPhone 5 has an 8 mp camera so you should get pretty good quality prints from those photos. I’d just keep in mind that the larger prints might not look as good. The iPhone 4 is 5 mp so those might be a little less quality. You might try contacting Canvas on Demand directly and ask what they think about using iPhone photos.

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