Tamron, the lens manufacturer, has developed a cool website and app that lets you design and set up your own virtual photography exhibit.  My Photo Exhibits is a unique way to share your photography with friends, family and the world.  After you sign up for an account you can start designing your exhibition.  Your gallery starts as a blank canvas and you select the details.  Start with the ceiling; Vaulted?  Modern?  Industrial?  Then pick your wall texture and flooring.  Add some furniture and you are all set to begin the installation of your exhibit.   The photo upload tool is very simple and allows up to 14 images per gallery show.  Once you have them uploaded you arrange them on the 4 walls of your gallery space.  Next add the final touches, frames if you like, and titles and descriptions for each photo.  Et voila, you have your own 3-D virtual SoHo photography exhibit to invite your family and friends to.  Being a social media application you can of course share your exhibit directly to Facebook and Twitter for all your fans to Ooooh and Ahhhh over.  And then download the mobile version to take your show on the road.

This isn’t rocket science or going to save the world.  But it is a fun and unique way to display your photography, especially for those of us who haven’t gotten a true New York gallery show just yet.

Check out the Still Life exhibit I put together.

Added bonus: Tamron had contests based around specific exhibit themes.  They are currently running one for travel photography.  Build your 3D exhibit with your travel photography (taken with a Tamron lens of course) and get a chance to win one of 5 Tamron lenses.

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