Photography by Scott Baxter

100 Years 100 Ranchers - Photograph by Scott Baxter

Art is everywhere and galleries seem to pop up in the most unexpected places.  Small galleries can be seen in the local coffee shop, the mall, bus and train stations, and even the airport.  I was heading to security in Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport (terminal 4) when I unexpectedly passed by the Phoenix Airport Museum.  Who knew there was a museum in the airport?  But even better, the museum is currently running a photography exhibit entitled 100 Years 100 Ranchers.  The exhibit showcases the work of Photographer Scott Baxter who, over a 10 year period, photographed 100 Arizona ranchers whose families have been ranching in Arizona for 100 years or more.  The exhibit coincides with the upcoming centennial celebrations for the state Arizona (which turns 100 on February 14, 2012) and runs through May 13, 2012.  So next time you are rushing through Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, stop and check out the art.  Or, if your travels don’t take you through Phoenix check out the museums and public works of art on display in these other airports.

San Fransisco International Airport Museum

Philadelphia International Airport

Indianapolis International Airport

Oakland International Airport

1 Response to “Art is Everywhere, Even the Airport”

  1. Mike Wilson

    on December 28 2011

    Ranchers photos are nice but I really enjoyed the ‘About the road” series of photos.

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