Does every photograph have to have a commercial value?  Is there always a client in mind? What about photography for art’s sake?  Sometimes when your day to day life is wrapped up in the commercial side of photography and each photograph is taken based on specific requirement from a client you tend to forget that photography really is an art form.  Someone recently pointed me to the online portfolio of a photography with the comment “I’m not sure what the commercial value of these photographs will ever be.”  That was the work of photographer Mckay Jaffe on his site I Must Be Dead.

After checking out his site my response would be “this is some amazing work with a lot of talent behind it.”  It is a very creative mind that is creating this photography.  Maybe it will not accompany the next magazine article you read or be on a road side billboard, but I definitely see commercial potential in his work.  Fashion can be very avant garde as can the advertising for many products.  So, in my view, there is so much potential and incredible talent here the money is sure to come.  And above all else it is ART, and you should check it out for no other reason.

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