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I have been working on a series of Lego mini figure and candy photographic art prints for a while now.  As new figures are released by Lego or as new ideas come to me for existing figures I add them to my running “idea  list.”  then when time permits or creativity inspires I add a new photo to the collection.  I’ve posted on some of the vignettes I have done so far in the past.  Lego Vignettes Part I, Lego Vignettes Part Two and Lego Vignettes Part Three.

The most recent addition to the collection involves one of the earlier Lego mini figures, the clown and some balloons made out of gumballs.

This print and most of the others from the past posts are available for sale on my Etsy store.

Lego photo art print by Mike Small

Photo collage of 64 Lego Mini Figure head shots

Head Shots

For this collage of images I took 64 individual head shots of the 4 Lego mini figure series.  I used a Tamron Autofocus 28-200mm f/3.8-5.6 lens with a Kenko 25 mm extension tube in order to get the very close up shots.  The back drop was just my black office desk and the lighting was the late afternoon sun filtered through the window shade.  Then I used Photoshop to crop each head shot down to 1″ x 1″ and created a new 8″ x 8″ canvas to combine them all together into the collage.  Hint, set up a grid of guide lines dividing the page up into 64 1″ squares (or whatever size you are working with) and then set the snap to for the guidelines.  This will insure each image is properly aligned.

Photo of the magician Lego mini figure with a gummi bear

Gummi Bear Magician

Photo of the indian Lego mini fig and candy corn

Corn Harvest

Photo of the Robin Hood Lego mini fig and fruit Runts

William Tell’s Banana

Photo of a Lego disco dancer mini figure with a Starburst candy dance floor.

Starburst Disco

Photo of a scuba diver Lego mini fig and Swedish fish candy

Swimin’ wit da (Swedish) Fishes

Photo of a Lego pop singer mini figure and her sour patch kid fans

Sour Patch Fans

These are the first three in a series I am working on combining the new Lego Mini Figures and candy.  I started with the surfer and bubble gum because I liked the vivid colors.  Now I have challenged myself to match up each of the 32 Lego figures (with 16 more on the way) with a candy to create these vignettes.

Photo of a surfer Lego mini fig and bubble gum ballsBubble Gum Surfer

Photo of a Lego mini figure skier and Nestle Snow Cap candies

Snow Cap Skier

Photo of a Lefo mini figure ringmaster and animal cracker tigers.

The Ringmaster