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I can sum up Jason Corneveaux’s photography in one word – amazing.  I came across his photography and website via a Google alert for “Arizona photography” and I was blown away.  His work is something to aspire towards.  It also showcases Arizona and it’s incredible beauty very well.  Having exhausted my adjectives for him (and no, I do not know him) I will leave you with one final gush over his work – a must see photo blog and definitely one to bookmark.

Damien Franco is the editor of Your Photo Tips, a great resource blog with lots of tips to better your photography.  He recently put a call out for his subscribers to write guest posts on The Importance of Photography. So I obliged and sent him a post that he quickly got up.  Check it out.

Scottsdale, AZ is in no danger of failing the photogenic test – if there were such a test that is.  From downtown to the open desert of North Scottsdale to its countless resorts and golf courses there is always something to photograph.  The Scottsdale Daily Photo blog does a great job of capturing the photographic beauty of Scottsdale and is worth checking out.  Bonus: the photographer behind the Scottsdale blog also has a travel blog.  And she has been just about everywhere.  So while you are at it, check out Viva la Voyage.

One of my favorite places to visit and photograph in the world is Buenos Aires.  It is such a beautiful, diverse and colorful city.  That is why Gabriel Robledo’s blog is one of my favorite photography blogs.  He captures Argentina and Buenos Aires in particular very beautifully.  Almost, but not quite, as good as being there.

Simply put, Mike Cavaroc’s photo blog is full of awesome nature photography and you need to check it out.  I’ll leave it at that for today’s photography blog – go there now!

Today’s photography blog comes from a site I discovered that “catalogs” Photo of the Day blogs from various cities around the world.  One of the better ones I have seen is from right here in Phoenix.  The photographer on the Phoenix Daily Foto blog definitely steps outside of the box and produces photographs that are not what you would normally see.  They are well done representations of the everyday part of Phoenix.  It is a blog well worth taking some time to poke around in.

Photo Induced is tagged as “The first stop in your photographic life.”  This blog has regular weekly contests, “real world” photography equipment and supplies reviews, information on events, galleries and museums, and educational information.  They also have a great gallery of reader photos.   This is a great one to add to your reader and keep tabs on.

Beyond Megapixels is described as a “A digital photography guide for the rest of us.” This blog covers most everything photography related – photo tips, equipment reviews, news, everything you would expect.  What sets it apart from many other photography blogs is that it presents the post in a very easy to read and personable way.  Just like reading the blog of a friend.

Since I started this blog I have come across a lot of really good photography blogs through Google Alerts, Blog Catalog, and just general surfing of the Internet.  Aside from some fantastic photography many of them are filled with a wealth of photography news, facts, tid-bits, and tips that can be invaluable to the amateur photographer like myself.  So I am starting a new regular post that will highlight some of these photography blogs that I have added to my Google Reader and feel are well worth keeping tabs on.

To kick off the Photography Blog posts I have selected a local Arizona photographer.  Aside from his photography being exceptional, he intertwines his daily life around photography topics.  A line from his “About Me” sidebar also struck me as very appropriate for myself.

I am a student of photography, not an authority by any means.

So the premier featured Photograph Blog is Arizona Treks by Michael Morris.