Photo of red, white and blue fireworks
Red, White and Blue
f/8.0 – 4 sec (bulb setting) – ISO 100 – Focal Length 90 mm

I came up with a few more tips for photographing fireworks while shooting the fireworks show last night.

  • Use manual focus rather than auto focus.  Set it once and then leave it alone.
  • Don’t fuss with the aperture setting.  An f-stop in the neighborhood of 8.0 worked really well for me.  I set it and forget it.
  • Leave your ISO pretty low.  I kept it on 100.
  • Manage your exposure using the shutter speed.  If your camera has a bulb setting that is the ideal way to go.  Just remember that too long of an exposure will over expose.  It may be night, but fireworks give off a lot of light.

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