Photo of the Phoenix Art MuseumThere are some great Phoenix Arizona photography spots.  From desert landscapes and nature to architecture and culture to ordinary urban life; Phoenix has something to interest most any photographer be it professional, amateur or tourist.

With a metro area population of close to 4.5 million people Phoenix and its suburbs have attracted a fair share of culture.  That includes some great museums.  My photographic genre preference leans more towards photographing the museum buildings themselves rather than the contents, as I love architectural photography.  So the museums on this list are based on the photogenic properties of the museum architecture.  But, as a whole, these Phoenix area museums are stocked full of beautiful art, artifacts and in some cases hands on exhibits and are well worth visiting more than just the building exteriors.

Just Photo fo the Arizona State University Art Museumkeep in mind when bringing your camera to the museum that rules on photography in the exhibit spaces themselves vary from museum to museum and from exhibit to exhibit.

1) Phoenix Museum of Art

2) Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (aka SMOCA)

3) Heard Museum

4) ASU Art Museum

5) Arizona Science Center

Check back for individual post with more images from each of these five museums soon.

Photo of the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

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