Photo of a library signFor these libraries in the Phoenix metro area you will want to bring more than your library card. It has been tradition of sorts to make civic buildings such as public libraries and municipal complexes both functional and true architecture in the artistic sense of the word.  As municipal budgets are continually cut I wonder if we will see the designed aspect of civic buildings decline and they will fade into the strip mall-esque cookie cutter sameness.  I hope not.  But for now, the Phoenix area offers a bounty of well designed and beautiful public libraries.  Library architecture can be very photogenic so here are 10 14 of my favorite libraries in the Phoenix metro area worth photographing.  Check back from time to time (or everyday if you are so inclined) as I will be adding posts featuring architectural photographs from each of these photographic Phoenix libraries.

For a map of these libraries click here.

1) Burton Barr Central Library – Central Ave., Phoenix

2) Cesar Chavez Library – 35th Ave and Baseline, Phoenix

3) Palo Verde Library – 51st Ave., Maryvale

4)  Scottsdale Civic Center Library – Scottsdale

5) Southeast Regional Library – Guadalupe and Greenfield, Gilbert

6) Desert Broom – Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix

7) Agave Library – 36th Ave., Phoenix

8) Harmon Library – 5th Ave., Phoenix

9) Glendale Foothills Library

10) Mesquite Library – Paradise Valley

11) Juniper Library – Union Hills Rd., Phoenix

12) Sam Garcia Western Avenue Library – Avondale

13) Sunrise Mountain Library – 98th Ave., Peoria

14) Cholla Library- Metrocenter, Phoenix

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