The Arabian Library is actually in Scottsdale, Arizona.  But that is close enough that we can still call this a great Phoenix photography spot.  This spot falls into the architectural photography category for obvious reasons, but its desert setting offers vegetation and wildlife if architectural photography is not your thing or you want to mix your nature and architecture.  Designed by richärd+bauer architects the Arabian Library is one of 5 libraries in the City of Scottsdale.  The building was designed to meet LEED Gold standards and its rusted steel walls anchor it to the desert site on which it sits.

Architectural photography of the Arabian Library in Scootsdale, AZ

Architectural detail photgraph of the Scottsdale Arabian Library


Photography of the Arabian Library in Scottsdale

Photo of the entrance to the Arabian Library in Scottsdale

Architectural detail photograph of the Arabian Library in Scottsdale

Photography of an architectural detail at the Scottsdale Arabian Library

Architectural photography at the Arabian Library in Scottsdale



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