Lego has been producing the Lego Architecture series with the “adult collector” (i.e. kid at heart) in mind for a few years now.  Each set is a Lego replica of an architecturally significant building from around the world.  They have reproduced works by Frank Lloyd Wright such as Fallingwater; widely recognized icons such as Big Ben and the Seattle Space Needle; and some of the world’s tallest buildings such as the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower) all in Lego bricks for you to assemble.  I have collected 14 of the 15 that have been produced so far and decided to expand my architectural photography to include Lego architecture.

Sydney Opera House – Sydney, Australia

Brandenberg Gate – Berlin, Germany

Empire State Building – New York City

Farnsworth House – Plano, IL

Big Ben – London

3 Responses to “Photo Collection – Lego Architecture Photography Part I”

  1. Mike Wilson

    on August 14 2012

    Did you build these? Really cool.

  2. Mike

    on August 14 2012

    Yes, I built…but from kits, not from scratch. :-)

  3. Mike Wilson

    on August 14 2012

    There is a hyge Lego store east of here at the Ontario Mills Mall, in Ontario. I want to go out there an check out their items. I have no Lego of any type. There is also a great place to eat called Market Broiler. Another good reason to go out there. YUM :)

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