Ideally in photography you will compose your image, wait for or create the right lighting and have a lot of patience until the subject is just as you want it.  But sometimes time is not on your side and things don’t go your way in photography and the world’s lack of cooperation results in a less than ideal photograph.  That is where a little post-processing trickery can come in handy.  Yesterday’s Photo of the Day of the Alamo did not look like that when I started.  The weather was not cooperative while I was in San Antonio so I had cloudy, gray skies for three days.  but even if you had a perfect sky day there are other things that can become an unwanted distraction in your image.  For crowded tourist sites such as the Alamo people will probably be your biggest challenge.  But with a little PhotoShop magic gray skies c an be blue again and unwanted photo intruders can disappear.


1 Response to “Photo of the Day Before and After”

  1. Mike Wilson

    on December 23 2011

    Well that’s pretty brilliant. My mom would say, “a mechanic is only as good as his tools”. It appears you have all the right tools.

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