If you’re not familiar with an extension tube or haven’t used one it is worth the relatively small investment to get some and see what you can come up with.  There are several brands and mounts available for all the major brands (Canon, Nikon, Sony).  Check out extension tubes on Amazon for some of the better deals.

The basics: An extension tube is a lens accessory that is attached to the lens mount of the camera at one end and to the lens itself at the other.  The tube has no optical element in it and it may or may not have and electrical contact.  Those with a contact can retain the auto focus of an AF lens (but at a bit more cost) while those without the contact convert an AF lens to manual focus.  By adding an extension tube between the camera and lens it allows you to move the lens further away from the camera.  By doing so it allows the lens to focus much closer on an object resulting in objects smaller than the sensor still filling the frame.  So they are ideal for macro photography and could eliminate the need for a specialized macro lens.

These photos are of my dog Rylee, a very good model.

Dogs and Extension Tubes One

Dogs and Extension Tubes Two

Dogs and Extension Tubes Three

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