I need to make two slight clarifications to my Review of the 26 Blocks Show.  My interpretation of Chris Loomis‘ photograph was a bit off.  Joey Robert Parks, the creator of the 26 Blocks Project, filled me in on the details of how Chris accomplished this photograph.  There was no camera “trickery” involved.  Rather, a lot of forethought and planning to turn a vacant dirt lot into a work of art.  Knowing the process behind this photograph brings about a new appreciation for the finished work for me.

What I said “appears” to be was indeed reality.  The girl was in the lot and the “crop circles” were a photographer’s painstaking work to get the perfect shot.  Very admirable.  From Joey:

There is no photographic trick going on. The woman is not Photoshop. She’s actually standing there in the dirt lot. The crop circle took Chris seven hours to make. He did it all by himself.

I had also indicated that it appeared Chris Loomis had captured the image from high above.  In fact it is not just appearances, it was taken from high above.  Very high in fact.  Again from Joey:

It *was* taken from high above. From a helicopter, in fact. How’d he get such a clear shot? He steadied the camera only with his hands. No mini-gyro stabilizing equipment used.

I stand by my original statement that “The artist saw what was and turned it into his own vision through photography.”  But need to append it:  “…through photography, creative vision and a lot of hard work.”

Thanks for clarifying Joey.

Read more about Chris Loomis’ Block E and the entire 26 Blocks project at 26blocks.com or in an article printed in the AZ Republic in May.

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