I label myself an architectural photographer simply because that is what I love to shoot the most and that is what I focus most of my photography efforts on capturing.  That is also what I am attempting to build a business around with Mike Small Photography.  However, I do want to, and do not think I should, limit myself to just one “genre” of photography.  So every once in a while I branch out into an area of photography that I am less comfortable with in an attempt to improve.  I have done portrait photography on a small scale in the past including portraits of my niece, portraits of children and even portraits of my dogs.  So this past weekend a friend wanted to update her photographs for Facebook and what not so I did another portrait session as a favor and to practice and hone my skills.

These images were edited with Portrait Professional 10 which I give high marks to for ease of use, options and features and price.  If you do portraits even on a limited scale this might be worth the small investment.

Exmple of portrait photogrpahy

Example of portrait photography

Example of portrait photography


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