If you have not tried the SLR camera simulator yet you are missing out.  This is an online tool that allows you to play with all the controls of a SLR/DSLR camera and see a simulated photograph based on how you set the camera.  First pick your off camera factors, lighting, distance from the subject, even if you have the camera on a tripod or not.  Then select your focal length using an 18-55 mm lens.  For the brave (or experienced) you can then select manual mode, or pick from aperture or shutter priority if you prefer, and set your f/stop, shutter speed and ISO.  Then click the shutter and see what you get.

This is a fantastic tool for anyone learning photography as well as more experienced photographers.  You can try combination after combination to learn how shutter speed,aperture and ISO relate to one another and how changes to them impact your final images.  It even simulates noise from high ISO settings and how shutter speed works to stop or show motion.

One draw back of the tool is that there is only the one image to play around with.  But they are working to add more and you can sign up for an alert once that happens.  You are also limited to the 18-55 mm lens, but that does cover a pretty good range and you should be able to apply what you learn working with that lens to other focal length.

Screen shot of the SLR camera simulator.

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