The New York Civil Liberties Union filed suit against the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Protective Service yesterday in response to the arrest of a photographer outside a federal courthouse last November.  The suit is on the grounds that federal regulation prohibiting photography used as the basis of the arrest is vague and inconsistently enforced.

The suit asks the court to issue a judgment that the regulation cannot constitutionally be enforced to restrict non-commercial photography in outdoor public areas where pedestrians have an unrestricted right of access, such as plazas, sidewalks and parks.  This has been the defense of photographers throughout the US as their rights as a photographer have seen increased scrutiny everyone from private security guards to local police.

Read more about the suit here.

For a more information on photographer’s rights visit these sources:

The Photographer’s Rights by Bert P. Krages (Attorney)

Legal Rights of Photographer’s  by Andrew Kantor

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