Photograph demonstrating narrow depth of field

Ranch Market Shopping Carts
Demonstrating Narrow Depth of Field
f/5.6 – 1/30 sec – ISO 100 – Focal Length 40 m m

I have been practicing “mastering” depth of field lately and posted about it the other day.  I spent Saturday morning at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix at 44th St. and the 202 freeway.  It is a combination retail and office development and small Chinese themed park.  The park contains temple reproductions, koi ponds, garden paths, and statuary which are all worth photographing.  But this photograph of simple, everyday shopping carts outside of the Ranch Market was a great chance to try out some more depth of field shots.  The large aperture (f/5.6 ) allowed me to focus on the middle cart handle and get it sharp while blurring the first cart and those in the background.

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