Photo of the Eiffel Tower - Paris Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

f/4.5 – 1/30 sec – ISO 800 – Focal Length 26 mm
The Paris Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV

I tried adjusting the ISO on this photograph of the Eiffel Tower (Vegas’s version that is).  Because I did not have a tripod with me when walking around the Vegas strip at night I could not use too long of a shutter speed.  Even with the Sony Alpha’s image stabilization I would not have been able to hold the camera steady.  So one option is to increase your ISO.  Remember from my post on ISO that the higher the ISO the more sensitive to light the senor will be.  This allows you to speed up your shutter speed in order to compensate for a lack of a tripod.   One drawback however, is an increase in digital noise (grain in film photography) when the ISO gets higher.  At ISO 800 as this photo was shot at, and the relatively small size of the photo, the noise is not too noticeable.  If I were to blow it up for printing, you would see the noise much more.

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