The story of the California man who bought some negatives at a Fresno garage sale that he and others report to be the long lost work of Ansel Adams and worth $200 million has taken another turn.  According to the LA Times, The Center for Creative Photography at the University of Arizona in Tucson, a long standing authority on the work of Ansel Adams and home to all 44,000 of his original negatives, has stated that they have no reason to believe the garage sale negatives are the work of Adams.  This certainly does not help the case that a $45 garage sale find is not worth $200 million.  But it probably will not dash the hopes of bargain hunters hoping to find the next long lost work of art that has been hidden away in someone’s attic for 50 years.

1 Response to “More News on the Supposed Ansel Adams Garage Sale Find”

  1. Mike, Studio city

    on September 1 2010

    The guy may not become rich but I bet he will make back his 45 dollars. I guess there is a bright side. BTW, Arizona Highways, September issue, is featuring black and white photos from the Goldwater collection.

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