On Friday, May 7th, at the After Hours Gallery in downtown Phoenix, a unique art project entitled 26 Blocks will be unveiled.  The project has paired 26 of the best photographers in the Phoenix metro area with 26 of the best writers and assigned the duos one of 26 downtown Phoenix city blocks.  Their assignment was to capture their assigned block’s past, present or future in one photograph (with up to four images in it) and 500 words.  Sculptor, Rafael Navarro joined the writers and photographers as well to combine the essence of the entire 26 Blocks into one work of sculpture.

I have spent some time perusing the 26 Blocks web site (which in itself is pretty well done) and this looks like a very exciting project.  It combines three things I love, photography, writing and downtown, urban environments.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing this exhibit.  If you miss opening night on Friday the project will be on display at the After Hours Gallery from May 7th through the 31st before it goes on a tour of Phoenix (tour details are still to be announced).

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