For my photography a tripod is an essential piece of equipment.  My night and long exposure photography cannot be done without one.  Therefore I think investing in a good, quality tripod is important.  When it comes to tripods you can spend a very wide range of money on one and get a very wide range of quality and functionality.  You can spend $30 – $50 on a simple one at someplace like Target or up to $400 on a very advanced model.  Before grabbing the cheapest one or investing a large sum in the top of the line there are a few things you should consider.

  1. Where will you be using it?  Indoors or out?  Different models maybe better suited for the rugged outdoors while some are ideal for indoors studio use.
  2. What is your budget?  Get the best one you can afford, but be reasonable the more you spend does not equate to the better the photograph you end up with.
  3. How heavy is your camera with your largest lens?  Make sure the tripod you get can support the weight.

After my inexpensive SunPak tripod had succumb to overuse I shopped and asked around for a model that was an upgrade yet under the $200 mark.  I wanted something that would last, was rugged enough for outdoor use and could hold my camera and my fantasy lenses that I yet to have.

Induro-AB2-Tripod-KitI ended up with the Induro AB2 Tripod Kit.  Going with a kit is a cost saving way to buy a tripod.  Otherwise you need to buy the legs and head as two separate pieces.  At about $180, I felt this was a good price for what you get.  And what you get for that is:

  • a 66.5″ tripod when fully extended (28.5 inched when collapsed)
  • a ball head
  • two bubble levels and a compass built in
  • 3 section quick locking legs
  • load capacity up to 18.7 lbs – that should hold even the fancy lenses
  • And a carrying case to boot

I have been using this tripod for a few months now and have no complaints.

  • It is quick and easy to set up and adjust.
  • The legs are sturdy and provide even, level footing on all the surfaces I have tried so far.
  • The ball head allows for movement in any direction with ease.
  • The camera can be mounted and released quickly.

Overall I feel I got my money’s worth in a solid, quality tripod that will last me for years to come.  I did not buy the top of the line, but I got something that meets the needs of the photography I do and the camera equipment I own.  The bottom line with tripods is that you should not skimp, but it is not necessary to go overboard either.  Knowing what will fit your photography style is key and you can easily find something in your budget that you are sure to be happy with as I am with my Induro AB2.

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