LowePro-250-Camera-BackpackI bought the Lowepro Fastpack 250 camera backpack a few months ago because I was getting more lenses and accessories than my small camera bag would hold.  There were a few selling point that sold me:

  • It was a backpack – easier to carry then on over the shoulder bag
  • It is designed to hold a laptop
  • It is roomy and can hold a camera body with lens and an additional 3-4 lenses depending on their sizes
  • The side entry access to the camera without having to open the whole bag

Now that I have been using the bag for a few months I have had a chance to discover its pros and cons.  Here are a few things that are worth knowing.


  • Lowepro-Fastpack-250-InsideLowepro makes a very sturdy and well constructed bag.  This bag can go anywhere and endure a lot while still protecting your gear.
  • The side access to the camera is a great feature!  It is so easy to just flip the bag around and pull the camera out quickly without needing to worry about anything else falling out or having to dig around.
  • The camera and lens compartment has padded dividers that can be moved around and stuck in various positions with Velcro.  This versatility is great for making all your lenses and flashes fit snugly.
  • There are compartments for all the things you need.  Water bottle, memory cards, extra battery, pens, and all the odds and ends.


  • The top compartment tends to get easily disorganized.   If it had some way to compartmentalize the space like the lower section has that would probably help.
  • I also don’t think the upper compartment opens wide enough hindering easy access just a bit.
  • There is no easy way to strap on a tripod.  Some additional straps and buckles on the bottom would be ideal.
  • This is a big bag and it might be too much for some people.  It is great for when you need to bring everything, but a bit too much for shorter photo trips.  Full of equipment and a laptop it can also get rather heavy.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.  The Lowepro Fastpack 250 is a well designed, roomy and sturdy camera backpack.  I have only one problem now.  I went from one extreme to another and now I need something in the middle for times when I want to bring an extra lens or two but don’t need all of my equipment.  Guess I will need to start searching for a mid-size bag.

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