Necessity is the mother of invention.

Photo of the Capture Camera Clip SystemThe standard camera strap has been the main means of securing our cameras since the early days of film SLRs.  For the most part it has been pretty convenient to have your camera around your neck and within easy reach for when the perfect shot comes up unexpectedly.  But for photographs on the move there can be a lot of movement of the camera as you walk, hike or chase down the next great image and excessive movement can put an expensive camera in danger of damage.  This is where a photographer from San Francisco had an idea.  He invented a device to securely attach your camera while still keeping it within easy reach so no shots are missed.  Peter Dering developed the Capture Camera Clip System with three goals in mind; 1) a locking mechanism that ensures total security 2) able to attach to any strap or belt and 3) the device had to as compact as possible.  The resulting Capture is a small device that works with the tripod mount on your camera and securely fastens to any strap such as a belt or backpack.

Being an individual and not a large corporation with a ton of research and development, marketing and start up costs behind him Peter also got creative with how he is funding the launch of his invention.  He turned to Kick Starter, a funding platform for creative projects that allows regular individuals with an idea to source funding to launch that idea.  Whether it is  music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing or any other creative fields really, Kick Starter allows people to support creative endeavors through financial funding.  Funders are not investing in these projects with hopes of a financial return, instead they are getting something back.  In the case of the Capture Camera Clip System, a $50 “backing” gets you one of the first Captures after production starts.  For photographers, this would be a great way to support a small inventor and get a photography gadget that would keep your camera secure and within easy reach.


2 Responses to “The Latest and Greatest in Photography Gadgets”

  1. Mike Studio City

    on May 17 2011

    As Mr. Burns would say, “excellent”.

  2. Mike

    on May 17 2011

    Ahhh, Mr Burns, he has a way of always knowing what to say! :-)

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