This is a great little gadget for photographers and iPad users.  These CF and SD memory card readers fit into the docking port of your iPad to give you quick and easy access to your images on the go.  When the LCD screen of your camera doesn’t cut it for reviewing your images you can use the larger screen of your iPad before you leave your shoot location.  No more getting home, downloading your images, and realizing they didn’t quite turn out as you initially thought based on the small LCD preview.

These are available from Photojojo for $30 for the CF card and $15 for the SD card.

  •     Upload photos to iPad at lightning speeds!
  •     Compatible with iPad 1 or iPad 2
  •     Review photos on the go
  •     Smaller than a pack of gum!
  •     Easy to use, just connect & upload
  •     No wires or cables necessary

Disclaimer: Although I think this is a great idea, I have not yet invested in one of these so I have no personal experience to pass on as to their performance.  I do however have a friend that had something similar that did not work very well.  It was slow and did not cooperate well with RAW files.  It was not these same exact make or model, but they were problematic.  So if you have any first hand experience with these please leave a comment.


Photo of an iPad CF and SD Card Reader

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