Photo of a Lens Pen and Giottos Air BlasterIf you have a DSLR camera you quickly learn that dirt and dust are not your camera’s friends.  The consequences of dust on the sensor can range from annoying spots on your images to a damaged sensor depending on it s severity.  So like all electronic equipment, you want to make sure you keep your sensor and the camera as a whole clean.

Many higher end DSLR cameras have a mechanism to shake dust off the sensor.  But it is almost a guarantee that at some point you are going to get dust on the sensor that the camera can’t dispose of on its own.  You are also going to get other parts of the camera, like the lenses and LCD screen, dirty just from day-to-day use.  So a small investment in some cleaning tools will go a long way to keep you and your camera happy.

I recently purchased two such tools.  The first is a Giottos Rocket Air Blaster. I got the large version in black, but you can go for some color in your life and get red too or for those with limited space there is a small version as well.  Regardless of the color or size you chose I am certain you will not be disappointed in your purchase.  For an investment of about $10 this is a powerful little tool.  It far surpasses those little blowers with a brush on the end that often come in camera kits.  And it is far safer than canned air, which is a DSLR no-no by the way.  For DSLRs with a cleaning mode where the mirror is flipped up to allow you to blow dust off the sensor the Rocket Air Blaster makes quick work of this task.  It also does wonders on getting pug hair out of your keyboard, should that be a problem that plaques you.

Highly recommend the Giottos Rocket Air Blaster.

Second tool I bought is a LensPEN Lens Cleaning System.  This will set you back another $10 or so but like the sir blaster, so worth it.  I’m not sure what a “patented carbon compound” is (here’s where paying more attention in Chemistry 101 would have come in handy) but I can tell you it works.  The carbon compound end of the pen has a cap over it, like a pen, and removes fingerprints and smudges from your lenses way better than then micro-fiber clothes or lens tissue.  The other end of the pen is a brush that slides out and is perfect for keeping the surface of your camera dust free.  Very handy little tool that easily fits in any camera bag.

Highly recommend the LensPEN Lens Cleaning System.

To make your camera even more happy check back tomorrow for some keeps on keeping your camera dust and dirt free in the first place.  Or if not dust free, less dusty.

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