I wrote about Canon and director Ron Howard teaming up for the Project Imagin8ion photography contest back in May.  And the 8 winning photograph have been announced so Ron Howard now has the task of turning those 8 images into a short film.

Each category of the contest represented an element of the film to be produced based on the photographs.  There was setting, time, character, mood, relationship, goal, obstacle, and the unknown.  If you look at all the winning photographs as a group you can almost see a commonality between them that could be woven into the story of this short film.

Each of the winning photographs are fantastic and well deserved winners.  But these three are my favorites.

Winning photograph in the Mood category of the Project Imagin8ion contest

City Lights © Michael L'Heureux

Winner for the Unknown category in the Project Imagin9ion contest

Where One Day Ends, One Day Begins © Kelly Shipp

Winner int he Setting category of the Project Imagin8ion contest

The Final View © Walter Arnold

You can learn more about Project Imagin8ion and see all the winning photographs on the Imagin8ion YouTube Channel.

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