This is not a photography post per say.  It is more about pursuing your dreams and going after what you want.  I did not write it and full credit goes to Ricardo Bueno who wrote the Do Epic Shit post on his Marketing and Technology for Real Estate and Small Business blog.

  1. Stop waiting for permission to do something awesome
  2. Silence the inner critic
  3. Don’t ever be afraid to fail
  4. When you do fail, get up and try again
  5. Remember, your ideas are better than you think they are (see #2)
  6. Ignore the haters (they too are critics; see #2)
  7. Ignore negative people (they’re energy mongers)
  8. Stop waiting for things to be perfect because they never will be
  9. Execute (remember #8)

Although these simple statements can be applied to any ambition or dream we have been putting off because it is not the right time or we are too afraid to fail they really speak to me about my pursuit of photography.  My inner critic is very loud sometimes and needs silencing.

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