This is a continuation of Part I from yesterday…

6. Digital Photography Review

Need to know how many mega pixels a Canon EOS 450D has?   Curious if the Sony A900 or A850 has the features you need in your next DSLR?   Then Digital Photography Review, with one of the most comprehensive databases of digital camera specification on the net, is where you need to be pointing your browser.   It is a great resource and research tool.  And while you are there take advantage of their reviews, buying guides, industry news, and discussion forums.

7. The Digital Photography Connection

Stick to what you know and do it well is the perfect summary for The Digital Photography Connection.   I have never counted, but there have to be over 100 photography how-to related videos on this site.   PhotoshopLightroom andgeneral photography are the topics you will find.   Each with well produced, quality videos that walk you through everything from Blending Modes and the Channel Mixer to Photographing Fireworks step-by-step. No need for an expensive college education when you have these guys.   The videos are free on the site, but a little love via a purchase in their store or donation is always much appreciated I’m sure.

8. Pop Photo

Yep, another print magazine on the Internet.  I won’t claim Pop Photo has discovered a whole new way to present a photo site.   But if you love all things photography like I do then you are sure to be quite happy with They are everything you will need in a photo site.  Reviews?  Yep, got ‘em.  Galleries?   Of course, what respectable photography site doesn’t?   And you just are not with it if there isn’t a forum and blog nearby – no worries, Pop Photo is with it.  Oh yeah, contests too!  (Note to self – buy lottery ticket).   Ok, go ahead and bookmark this one and lets get to number 9.

9. Photography Blog

To refer to this site as a “blog” might not be entirely fair to the rest of us bloggers out there.  It started life as a blog in the conventional sense of the word but has evolved into so much more.   I aspire to have a blog as beefed up as this site. It is blogging on steroids.  Aside from the daily posts on everything you might need to know to keep you up to date on the photography world, has some great equipment and accessory reviews, a handy buying guide, and the requisite community section with forum, galleries and the like.   One of the best things about this site is that it reads and feels like a blog – even with its host of extras – that makes it more down to earth.  Bookmark!

10. Kodak Glossary

Last, but of course, not least is the Kodak photography glossary.  Odd choice you might think.   Even though this site (or section of the Kodak site) appears to have been hastily thrown together by a website design school dropout it is an excellent resource.  (But I think they fired that guy because the site probably hasn’t been updated in a while)   As I learn photography I have turned to this site to figure out what this or that means.   Aspect ratio to zoom lens, Kodak has you covered. One more slight warning, they have a good number of their own trademarked terms in there.   But hey, you have to expect a little branding every now and then.

Note:  I have no personal affiliation with any of these sites.  So everything written here are my thoughts and opinions gathered through using the sites.  Of course should any of them like to hire me to write a little something, I probably won’t object.

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