Photo of a Sony Alpha 850 Full Frame DSLR CameraI have been shooting with a Sony DSLR even since I switched from a film SLR to a digital SLR.  I had two main reason at the beginning for getting my first Sony Alpha 100.  The first was mostly practical and economical,  my film SLR was a Minolta so the lenses I already had would fit the Sony line of DSLRs.  This would save me from having to buy all new lenses for a Canon or Nikon had I gone that route.  The second reason was the features of the Sony DSLR line of cameras.  The image stabilization, Steady Shot, was built into the camera itself, meaning it would work with whatever lens I had.  The mega pixels were right at the time.  Everything lined up and I have been very happy with my purchase of the Sony Alpha 100.  This was the camera that I spent time with learning the fundamentals of photography.  So when I started considering an upgrade I really only looked at Sony models.  I saved up for a new big investment and my new Sony Alpha 850 Full Frame DSLR came yesterday.  The initial assessment after only about an hour of shooting is that I love it.  As I read the manual and get more time with the camera I will post more thoughts and a review in more detail.

Photo of the lake at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve

The First Shot
f/5.6 – 1/80 sec ISO 100 – Focal Length 50 mm

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