Photo of Mesa's Diving Lady historic neon motel signI wrote about some of the great Phoenix area neon signs from years gone by a while back.  In my list of signs worth photographing was one in Mesa, AZ known as the Diving Lady.  The lady graced the Starlite Motel on Mesa’s Main St. since the 1960s continually diving into a pool of neon “water.”  Unfortunately in one of Arizona’s harsh thunderstorms last year the diving lady dove for the last time and the historic neon sign tumbled down to the Starlite parking lot.

But not willing to let this piece of history and representative of a time gone by be forgotten the Mesa Preservation Foundation is leading the campaign to restore her to her former glory.  The cost of restoration is estimated to be $60,000 to $65,000 and the foundation has set up a Facebook page along with accepting donations through PayPal on its own site to help fund the project.

And speaking of the Mesa Preservation Foundation’s website you can see images of the Diving Lady, both pre and post storm, including the one here taken by yours truly.

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