Instagram is DownInstagram, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are filled with photographs of peoples’ lunch.  From Big Macs to foie gras, if they’re eating it, it’s being posted somewhere.  But who knew it was now an issue that warrants attention from the New York Times.  But apparently in some establishments it has become more than just a bad photography issue as some  Restaurants Turn Camera Shy.  This article may blow the “problem” out of proportion just a tad.  Maybe this is a New York City issue, but as often as I eat out in Phoenix I have never been terribly inconvenienced by someone snapping a picture of their plate before they dig in.  I do think the practice is way overdone and am not certain why every meal needs to be documented.  But I would think the diner pulling out a tripod or standing on their chair to get an aerial shot of their dinner are the exceptions that don’t necessitate outright photography bans.

Regardless, this is an interesting take on where photography has come with cameras being in every pocket and purse.

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