Still searching for a gift for the photographer in your life?  If none of the ideas in Tuesday’s post, Photography Gadgets that Make Great Holiday Gifts for Photographers, sparked your interest or you want something more specific for the photographer that loves the outdoors here are some more photography gadgets that make great gifts.

For the photography enthusiast who loves to shoot nature, landscapes and wildlife there are countless gadgets to make them a happy photographer.  Here are just a few.

1) The Green Pod – Think of this like a go anywhere tripod.  It attaches to the bottom of the camera in the tripod mount but instead of three extending legs it has a bean bag sack.  This allows the outdoor photographer to steady their camera on any surface (think rocks and logs) in order to get the stability of a tripod without having to lug one around the great outdoors.  It is also great for steadying those long telephoto lenses often used for wildlife and nature photography.  Not bad for only $22.

2) Camera Sling System – A camera sling system is so much more than a camera strap.  It’s like a super strap.  A typical camera strap has the bulky DSLR hanging around your neck.  On a hike or trek through the jungle the camera is bouncing in every direction.  So you may put it diagonally across your chest.  But then when a surprise shot jumps in front of you there is a lot of fumbling to get the camera into shooting position.  Here is where a Camera Sling System saves the day.  The camera slides along the strap to your eye when needed and then back down to your hip so you can continue on your hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon or the top of Mt. Everest.

3) Binoculars – Wait? Binocualrs? They may have a telephoto lens on their camera but that is not good for scouting ahead for the next great subject to shoot.  A small pair of binoculars like the BARSKA 12×26 WP Naturescape Binocular is light weight and compact which makes throwing them in the camera bag a breeze.  Plus these are water and fog proof which makes them ideal for the outdoor photographer.

4) Rain Protection – One thing that can put a damper on an outdoor photo safari is rain. The Op/Tech Rainsleeve is the perfect solution.  Its like one of those plastic disposable ponchos, but for your camera.  It takes up no room in the camera bag and fits most DSLR camera set ups even with a flash unit on.  There is even an opening for the eye piece so you are not looking through plastic when you compose your shot.  A pack of 2 is under $7.

5) Not sure about going the equipment route for a gift for your outdoor photographer?  No problem.  A subscription to Outdoor Photographermagazine  is a gift that reminds them once a year of how thoughtful you are.  What could be better? Well it does get better. Outdoor Photographer is also packed full of tips, gear reviews and of course photographs aimed specifically at the outdoor photography enthusiast.


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