The site I mentioned a few days ago, Faded & Blurred, is hosting a 365 photo project.  What is that you ask?  It is when you take one photo a day, everyday, for a year and share it with the group participating in the project.

I signed up for this as a challenge to myself.  I shoot as often as I can, but the daily obligations of life often prevent me from picking up my camera for days at a time.  There are also days when I have no motivation or inspiration to photograph (although they are rare).  So to be “obligated” to produce one photograph a day for an entire year I will be forcing the photography I love to become a part of my daily routine.

I image one of the hardest parts at the beginning of this project will be to remember to do it everyday – until it becomes routine.  After that is will be finding daily inspiration in something and making the time to do it.  But I am excited by the possibilities and the challenge.

If it is something you are interested in doing you can join the Faded & Blurred community here and check out the Flickr group where the daily photos from participating members will be posted.

4 Responses to “Faded and Blurred 365 Photo a Day Project”

  1. Photo Bug

    on December 31 2009

    I plan on doing the project! I hope that I can remember to take the pictures though

  2. admin

    on December 31 2009

    I agree, the hardest part might be to remember to actually take the picture each day and get it posted. But should be a fun challenge.

  3. Alexander

    on January 1 2010

    Gawd…I can barely remember to do 12 on 12, much less taking a photo every day.

  4. admin

    on January 1 2010

    Yes, I remembered to take one today. So 1 down 364 to go…we will see if I succeed at this. :)

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