On September 1, 2001 I took my fist trip to NYC.  This was before I was heavily into photography but I did have a camera (film) with me of course.  Being my first trip the plan was to pack every possible site into that one week.  The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Central Park, The Empire State Building the museums, you name it.  Of course, that list also included a trip to the top of the World Trade Center.  On Monday, September 3, 2001 we bought our tickets for the elevator ride to the top.  The views were amazing and you could see 360 degrees around the entire city, into Brooklyn and the Bronx and across Manhattan and the river into New Jersey.  My photography at the time was in its infancy.  But a lot has changed in the past ten years and my skills have developed quite a bit if I do say so myself.  It is unfortunate that shots like these can never be captured exactly the same again.  But I am grateful that I had the opportunity to enjoy the World Trade Center.  I have been back to NYC numerous times since and love the city.

Photograph of the World Trade Center on September4, 2001

World Trade Center
New York, NY
Taken from the Liberty Island Ferry
September 4, 2001

Photo of Brooklyn fromthe World Trade Center - September 3, 2001

View of the Brooklyn and Washington Bridges from the top of the World trade Center
New York, NY
September 3, 2001


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