Two years ago I participated in a 365 photo project and fell short of exactly 365 photographs being submitted to the project.  But life does tend to “get in the way” sometimes and I came close with about 331.  I attempted it again last year but found myself not having the will early on in the project.  Let’s just say it was not my best performance.  So that brings us to 2012 and a new 365 project with a twist.  Normally a 365 photo project is one where you take one photo a day for an entire year and shore them either in a Flickr group or on a blog.  This year’s project is called 7 Day Photography.  This project has assigned 7 themes, one for each day of the week and you shoot those 7 themes each week interpreting them as you like.  The themes are pretty broad and open for interpretation, Far, Near, Color, Place, Shape, Face and Open (meaning your pick).

I have done the first week and so far so good.  Only 51 more weeks or about 359 more photos to go.  Please follow along with my images on Flickr in my 7 Day Photography set.

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