Although it is not as popular or trendy as a Canon or Nikon, my first DSLR was the Sony Alpha 100, the first DSLR Sony came out with after acquiring Minolta.  The main deciding factor for me on the Sony was that the lenses I already had for my Minolta film SLR would fit the new Sony camera.  This saved me on the start up costs since I had a 18-70 mm and 100-300 mm for the Minolta already in my arsenal.  Sony’s Steady Shot technology was a big plus as well.  I have been very happy with my Sony Alpha and when I upgrade, which I intend to start looking into in the near future, I will definitely keep the Sony line at the top of my list.

Sony A850 DSLR

Sony A850 DSLR

I’m not sure that list will include Sony’s latest launch however, the Alpha 850 Full Frame DSLR, which was officially announced yesterday.  At this point in my photography it  might be a bit overkill.  But at 24.6 effective MPs, a 3 inch LCD screen and up to ISO 6400, even the $1999 price tag doesn’t seem too bad.  And a full frame option is awfully tempting.  I will have to keep an eye out for sales and may get myself a Christmas present.

If you are interested, has all the details and images of the new Sony Alpha 850 DSLR and does an excellent job of presenting all the details as usual.

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