Here are 10 of my favorite spots in Tucson to photograph.  Like the Phoenix 10 spots post, these are in no particular order either.

DeGrazia Studios, Tucson, AZ

1. DeGrazia Studios – Swan, North of Sunrise

The DeGrazia Studio is in North Tucson and is made up of a gallery, a chapel and DeGrazia’s home.  I especially like photographing the chapel but the whole property is great.

2. Pima Air and Space Museum – South of Tucson on Valencia

This is one of the largest air and space museums in the country.  Even if you are not into airplanes, there are some great photograph opportunities here.  My recent trip was the first time I had been and I think I got some good shots.

3. San Xavier Mission del Bac – South of Tucson

Know as The White Dove of the Desert the mission was built by Father Kino in the late 1700s.  I have not been there since I got my first digital camera several years ago.  Now that they are done with some recent rennovations of the exterior I have to get down there.

Arizona Inn, Tucson, AZ

4. Arizona Inn – Campbell and Speedway

This is a historic inn near the U of A.  The adobe walls are painted bright colors and there are a lot of interesting features to photograph around the inn’s grounds.

5. Barrio Historico – South of Downtown

The Barrio is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tucson and had been the center of the Mexican and Spanish community for over a century.  The architecture is very representative of the Southwest.  The colors and architectural elements in the barrio make for some great shots.

Old Main - University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

6. University of Arizona

The U of A campus is really a beautiful campus.  And I am not just saying that because I went there.  The palm trees and cacti set against the red brick buildings make it a great place to wander around and photograph.  There are buildings dating back 100 years mixed in with some very modern architecture.

7. 4th Ave

Fourth Avenue is one of my favorite places in Tucson.  The atmosphere is very eclectic which makes for a lot of photograph opportunities.  There is color, architectural interest, a vast mix of people and much more to try your camera out on.

8. St. Philips in the Hills Church – River Rd. and Campbell

This is a 70+ year old church on River Rd.  The church campus has a lot to offer a photographer.  It is worth a trip to wander around and see what you can come up with to shoot.

Downtown Tucson

9. Downtown Tucson

Like Downtown Phoenix, I could probably split this into its own post of ten spots.  From the Fox and Rialto Theaters to Hotel Congress to La Placita Plaza, there is so much to photograph in these few city blocks.

10. Saguaro National Park – Either West or East of Tucson

The parks that bookend the city of Tucson to the East and West are ideal for taking some great desert photography.   If you are lucky enough to go in spring after a wet winter the wild flowers are amazing.  But you really can’t go wrong anytime of year.

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