Church of the Holy Cross - Sedona, AZSedona, AZ is pretty well known for its red rocks, mystical vortexes, and art.  That all makes for some good photo opportunities (maybe not the vortexes exactly).  Like most high traffic tourist spots most of Sedona has been photographed from every angle imaginable.  Given the time I think there are probably some spots and angles still to be found that have not been over done.  I did not get the opportunity to get too far away from the spots highlighted on the map they hand out at the ranger station on this trip.  But I still got a few shots I was happy with and think an “off the beaten path” trip in the not too distant future could result in some great shots.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona , AZ

Vegetation Along Oak Creek - Sedona, AZ Sedona, AZ

1 Response to “Sedona Photography”

  1. Sarah

    on July 6 2013

    I just got back from Sedona with some great pix. I dont think there is a bad photography day out there, and definately want to go back! I almost recognise that brown tree. :D

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