Photo of Aravaipa Creek in Arizona

Down Stream
Aravaipa Creek – Arizona
f/32.0 – 1/8 sec – ISO 100 – Focal Length 90 mm

Aravaipa Canyon is in Central Arizona between Tucson and Phoenix.  The canyon is managed by the Bureau of Land Management with a good portion on Nature Conservancy land.  Access is by permit only and limited to 50 people a day so you can expect to have a good portion of your hike through the canyon to yourself.  There are no marked trails, no facilities, no designated campgrounds or anything man made for that matter, just a very quiet and pristine wilderness.   As you hike through the canyon you can count on getting wet.  Aravaipa Creek is spring fed and flows year round.  With no marked trails it will be your main path and requires crossing back and forth multiple times.  Sometimes the steep canyon walls leave no option but to walk right down the middle of the stream.

This canyon is one of the most beautiful spots I have encountered in Arizona.  The controlled entry means you may only see a few people over a hike that spans hours.  It also means the land has been protected, for the most part, from the damages of man.  Check back soon for some more photographs of my hike through Aravaipa Canyon.

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