2011 marked the 3rd  year that I have attended the Modern Phoenix home tour.  Each year the tour features mid-century modern homes in a different neighborhood or section of the city.  In 2009 the tour highlighted the Founding Father’s of Modern Phoenix.  Anyone familiar with Phoenix’s architectural history is probably familiar with names like Ralph Haver, Al Beadle, Calvin Straub, and Ned Sawyer.  The 2010 home tour was a Return to Paradise with the North Phoenix Paradise Gardens neighborhood featured.

This year, the tour was all about Sunnyslope, another North Phoenix community.  On the surface Sunnyslope is a part of town you may drive through and not think much of or even take notice of for that matter.  It has more than its fair share of run down businesses, strip malls and dilapidated houses.  However, it also has a few hidden gems and several attempts at revitalization underway.  You just have to know where to look or have the benefit of Modern Phoenix putting all the good stuff on the map for you.

While almost all of the homeowners graciously open their homes to hundreds of people to view, in this first post I am focusing on the exterior shots.  But I promise, interior mid-century modern photography is coming up.

Photo of a Pheonix mid-centruy modern home

Photo of the Entrance steps to a mid-century modern Phoenix home

Photo of a Phoenix mid-century modern home exterior

Photo of a mid-century modern Phoenix home in the process of being rennovated.

Photo of Phoenix mid-century modern residential architecture

Photo of a contemporary Phoenix residence

Photo of contemporary residential architecure in Phoenix

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