Photo  of the ASU Art MuseumIn my list of the top 5 museums worth photographing in Phoenix I included Arizona State University Art Museum among them. As I mentioned, the museums in my list are there primarily because I feel they are photographic from an architectural standpoint rather than because of their collections and exhibits.  However, depending on your photography style and likes and dislikes, you may find the contents of the museum more to your liking.  Or you may want to take some shots of the architectural elements and then visit the art as a bonus.  Either way the ASU Art Museum will not disappoint.  The giant pink and gray concrete structure begs to be photographed and explored.  Its architectural details play with the light and shadows making for an image possibility around every corner.

Plan on spending at least an hour shooting the exterior before you head in to explore the exhibits.  Also keep in mind the mid-day Arizona sun can be harsh especially with vast expanses of gray concrete.  So you are better off arriving very early or waiting until that “magic hour” before the sun sets to photograph this museum.

Photo of the ASU Art MuseumArizona State University Art Museum – Southern Facade
f/8 – 1/800 sec – ISO 100 – Focal Length 50 mm
Photo of an ASU Art Museum architectural detailArizona State University Art Museum Architectural Detail
f/5.6 – 1/100 sec – ISO 100 – Focal Length 28 mm            Photo of ASU Art Museum building detail
ASU Art Museum Architecture Detail
f/5.6 – 1/800 sec – ISO 100 – 28 mm
Photo of ASU Art Museum Building Detail
ASU Art Museum Architecture Detail
f/8.0 – 1/640 sec – ISO 100 – 50 mm
Phot of an ASU Art Museum Architectural ElementASU Art Museum Architecture Element
f/8.0 – 1/640 sec – ISO 100 – 28 mm

2 Responses to “Phoenix Photography Spots – Arizona State University Art Museum”

  1. Alexander

    on April 17 2010

    A couple years ago I was downstairs outside the entrance making some pictures and an overzealous museum employee came outside and told me to stop taking pictures because “photography is not permitted.” I wasn’t even IN the museum, and at this point have vowed that the place can crumble into dust before I ever go there again. If my camera is not permitted, you won’t see me visiting. EVER.

  2. Mike

    on April 17 2010

    I think their over-zealousness failed. A Google image search has 71,000 images related to the museum; floor plans, the exhibits, the building… There were also 5 other photographers there the day I shot these. Looks like the cat’s out of the bag on this one. I don’t understand why money is spent to DESIGN a public building so that it is actually architecture and then they try to forbid you from photographing it. If they didn’t want anyone to see it the first mistake was building it in the first place. But I understand your frustration and “boycott.”

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