Arizona Wildflower Photography is Sure to be Amazing this Spring

I may be jumping ahead of myself with this title.  The Arizona wildflowers are not blooming quiet yet in most places.  But with weekend after weekend of rain that we have had over the last few months it is a pretty good bet that there should be some fantastic displays once the warmer weather has lingered around for a while.  We are getting up into the 70s with the 80s just around the corner.  So we should be seeing the wildflowers start popping up any time now.  April and maybe even May are sure to have some great wildflower photograph opportunities.

Here are some resources to keep an eye on to make sure you do not miss out of the wildflowers in Arizona this spring as well as a few spots around that state that I have seen great displays in years past.

Photo of brittle bush in Usery Regional ParkWildflower Resources

  1. A great source for all things desert the Desert Botanical Garden’s Wildflower Info Site features regular reports from around the state on wildflower sitings.
  2. Check out’s Desert Wildflower Reports 2010 for more regular wildflower reports and updates from around the Phoenix area.
  3. An excellent resource for most everything Arizona related, Arizona Highways has a statewide Arizona Wildflower Guide that lists spots throughout Arizona to spot and photograph this spring’s blooms.

Arizona Wildflower Spots of Note

  1. In Southern Arizona I have found wildflowers as far as the eye can see in the Saguaro National Park West (although the East park is sure to have similar displays).
  2. In the Phoenix area South Mountain Park & Preserve is a great spot right within the city to spot several desert wildflower varieties.
  3. Not too far from South Mountain the Desert Botanical Garden’s Harriet K. Maxwell Desert Wildflower Trail brings flowers from all over the state to one spot.  This is a great first stop on your hunt to familiarize yourself with all the varieties and their names.
  4. East of Phoenix Usery Mountain Regional Park has had a lot to offer in years past and is sure to not disappoint this spring.

Photo of wildflowers in Saguaro National park

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  1. Paul Gill

    on March 15 2010

    Updated Arizona Wildflower post. Please feel free to add any info and pics so we all can save gas.

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