Photograph of the stairs in the Bradbury Building in LAI recently had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop put on by Doug Hill of Douglas Hill Photography and Martin Cox of Martin Cox Photography in Los Angeles.  The workshop focused around the specialty of these two photographers, architecture.  So not only did we get access to four great historical buildings in downtown LA that you can never get as a tourist or  photographer off the street, but we also got hands on tips, advice and tutorials from two respected architectural photographers.

Over the course of a weekend we photographed 2 downtown Los Angeles historic buildings each day.  On day one it was the Los Angeles Central Public Library in the morning and One Bunker Hill in the afternoon.  Then the next day was the Million Dollar Theater for the morning session and the Bradbury building in the afternoon.  Nine hours a day of photography is a lot of work.  You are on your feet, climbing stairs, crouching and squatting to get the right angle.  But it was well worth it.  Almost 800 photographs later, I have a lot of editing to do.

I will be doing a post (or a few posts depending on how many images I end up with) for each of the buildings over the next few weeks starting with the Los Angeles Central Public Library.  So be sure to check back.

The building in this post is the Bradbury Building.  The interior of the building is an  beautiful example of late 1800’s Victorian design with detailed wrought iron work, rich wood and marble.

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