California’s history is very much intertwined with the Spanish missionaries and the remnants of that period in history dot the California coastline.  The Spanish missions today are a combination of church property and state property and blend working parish with tourist attraction.  Most charge a small admission fee ranging from $2 – $5 in order to view the churches and gardens.  But with the well manicured spectacular gardens and historic church buildings it is well worth the small change to tour these missions and capture them with your camera.

Photograph of Santa Barbara Mission in California

Santa Barbara
f/11.0 – 1/80 sec -ISO 100 – Focal Length 70 mm

Image of the mission in Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara
f/11.0 – 1/100 sec -ISO 100 – Focal Length 50 mm

Photo of Buenatentura Mission in California

San Buenaventura
f/11.0 – 1/160 sec -ISO 100 – Focal Length 28 mm

Image of Santa Ines Mission in California

Santa Ines
f/11.0 – 1/80 sec -ISO 100 – Focal Length 12 mm

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